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UPDATE: 11/15/2017 ! Another of our seven known Marvin Martin survivors has come forward to tell his story to Glencoe Police! While we are thrilled for this man having come forward, it is equally important that the other three victims of the 1977-’78 “New York Trip” also contact Glencoe Public Safety to corroborate his account of what happened to the four boys in that hotel room. Please Contact Deputy Chief Richard Weiner – rweiner@villageofglencoe.org, 847-835-4112.

Marvin Martin taught Elementary and then Junior High School in the North Shore Village of Glencoe, Illinois from 1957 thru 1996.

Hot Springs, South Dakota     Marvin Sherwin Martin was born in Hot Springs, South Dakota – September, 1935. Martin, South Dakota was named for his grandfather, Eben Martin, who was a Republican Congressman from 1901-1907. Marvin moved to Denver at about age six. In 7th grade, his family moved to Kenosha, WI. where he stayed until the end of high school. He returned to Kenosha after attending Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. and found work at Taylor Children’s Home, an orphanage, in pursuit of a career in psychology. But Martin became interested in teaching and landed a job with Illinois School District 35 teaching the 6th grade at South School, Glencoe. He would later share lewd writings about memories of his time at Taylor Children’s Home with District 35 colleagues, Charles Young (Glencoe Schools Superintendent), Jeanne C Baxter (Principal of Central School), Barbara Unikel (Principal of South School), George Kaiser (School Counselor), and Jackie (unknown)..
See Documents/November 2, 1983.
Martin     He lived in Glencoe on Harbor Street with a little dog in a little home, about 500 feet from the K-6 schoolyard. The house was tiny, and said to have been cramped with modest furniture; the book shelves stocked, and the walls covered with pictures of young boys.
He was an exceptional instructor. Families lined up to admit their children in his class. Many things made him a unique teacher, including theatre productions, A/V presentations, books-on-tape that he played while students read along, traveling with students, house-sitting while parents were away, and molesting vulnerable young boys whenever opportunity presented itself. Marvin Martin house-sat for my parents in care of me and my two older brothers in 1970 or ’71. Martin molested me while I pretended to be asleep in my bed one night that weekend.
    Another victim (V#2) wrote to a friend of the 1977-’78 NYC trip: “He is a bad guy.. trust me..”
In a follow-up conversation, the same man said that he and three other classmates were all “fondled” to one degree or another. He alluded that it was to a point where, were it to happen in 2013, “[Martin] would, without a doubt, be in jail today.” V#2’s friend relayed to me that he was on that same NY trip the year prior, and he does remember all of the boys having shared the bed with MM at different times, but that he knows of nothing out of the ordinary that happened that year.”
A second witness and good friend of V#2 wrote this letter [July 30, 2017] to District 35 Superintendent, Dr. Catherine Wang about Martin’s molestation of his friends on Martin’s NYC trip.
    Victim #6 came forward to a friend at a party when the conversation had turned in favor of Marvin Martin a few years after the fact. He told her that Mr. Martin was a “molester.” He said that [Martin] got into bed with him in a hotel room, and started giving him a back-rub – “caressed” him under his clothes during one of Martin’s overnight “big events” in 1982-’83. As in my own story, V#6 pretended to be asleep during the assault. Although the teenager did tell an adult what the young man had said, her story was disregarded as untrue. Looking back, Annie Solberg Särnblad always felt a level of guilt in that she didn’t do more at the time to be certain that Martin was stopped, so she resolved to periodically monitor Martin’s internet presence for someone like myself to eventually appear. That connection was finally initiated May 27, 2017.
    A seventh victim did come forward anonymously to The Glencoe Anchor, to the district 35 School Board’s lawyer, and then to Glencoe Public Safety in the waning days of July, 2017. The anonymous caller’s story is that he was singled out for punishment amidst a raucous pillow-fight and made to spend the night away from his friends and in Martin’s adjoining hotel room. Victim #7 said that Martin instructed him to share his bed. And, once in the bed, Martin started massaging his head, neck, and shoulders, his chest and torso, and then down his stomach until the boy panicked and rolled out of bed to sleep on the floor. Some might think that John Doe’s encounter was a tragedy narrowly averted. To those, there are two things we ask that you’ll consider:

  1. The impact of John Doe’s encounter is such that he has only ever told one friend what happened to him, and that friend is sworn to secrecy.
  2. Said contact between a grown-assed school teacher and his 8th grade student is grossly inappropriate and illegal, and may even be considered for a federal trafficking offense because the illegal touching occurred across state lines.

While John Doe did make an arrangement to meet with Glencoe Police, his appointment was carelessly rescheduled and he was not heard from again by authorities.
It is said that V#7 is currently preoccupied with a family illness. We wish him & his own well. And we remain hopeful that he will resurface soon.

    In 1996, Martin retired from Illinois District 35 and moved to the 7100 block of 32nd Avenue (less than 1000′ from Roosevelt Elementary School) in his home town of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Upon his return, Martin published an autobiography entitled “The Great Harvest: Remembering a Teaching Career of 40 Years” which was described as “off” by a former Glencoe resident who asked the local library to remove it from its shelves. The book is still there. He was also doing Sunday School volunteer work with learning disabled/autistic children and 2nd-4th and eighth grades.
    In 2012, Glencoe and Kenosha police payed Martin a visit where they duly noted the pictures of boys on his walls, as well as his suggestion that he remembered “All the Stroud boys” and that he recalls having once stayed in my home while my parents were away.
When they asked if he had molested me, he replied that he never touched me “in a sexual way.” And so, the case was closed.
Although I continued to badger police, they only said that they couldn’t open an investigation unless another victim came forward. So I finally resolved to write on Martin’s personal Facebook page April 4, 2017. Martin responded the very next day, stating that my last name sounds familiar, but that he “hasn’t a single memory of me.” This despite the fact that he knew my parents, he stayed in my home, and he had my two brothers in his class; despite that I walked the halls of South School (K-6) every day for seven (7) years, and that he had remembered me 3½ years prior, when police came to his home to ask if he’d ever molested me.
    In further scrutiny of Martin’s response: He never denied that he had molested me but, oddly, he apologized and said that he hadn’t meant to hurt me “or any child in any way” … a pretty tame response to an accusation of such heft. Most alarming was his next comment, You call me a pedophile. The word means ‘child lover.'” Please… do take a moment to let this sink in… “It is true that I loved children, which is why I served them for over 50 years of my life”, Martin continued. And then he went on to boast his résumé and his celebrated standing in the community. He finished by pulling the ‘hate card’ and apologizing again for “whatever it was” that he did. I assure you, Marvin. This is not about hatred.
MartinDefinePedophile     Child Lover.
The Oxford English Dictionary says that the definition of peadophile is “A person who is sexually attracted to children.”
Merriam Webster defines pedophilia as a “sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object; specifically: a psychiatric disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child.”
The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States, is, however, known to describe pedophiles as “Child Lovers”. The use of such softening language within NAMBLA’s ranks is not a mistake. It is nothing other than an intentional diversion, meant to normalize child molestation.
How is it that a Language Arts/Literature specialist, a teacher in our community for 40 years, chooses to ignore accepted definitions of the word “pedophile” in favor of such a shameful term in answer to my Fb statement on his page? How is it that we left this man (unchecked) to guide our most vulnerable citizens year after year… after year?
    Today, Marvin Martin sits alone in his Kenosha, WI. home: waiting.
He has attempted to minimize my presence by saying that he doesn’t remember me. He has apologized to me for something he says he hasn’t done. He has rephrased my accusation in order to shape it into something acceptable, which it is not. He has also listed his credentials in order to intimidate me with his standing in the community. But his past is catching up with him and he knows it. I will not be influenced by his petty Man/Boy/Love handbook tactics. I will not be swayed.
    Now in a corner, Martin is trying to turn the tables by saying that I have ruined his life, and by suggesting that I am a hateful person: “I can’t comprehend his hatred. I’ve never felt that kind of hatred and can’t understand anyone who would be so full of hate as he seems to be.” he told Chuck Goudie during an interview in his living room. What he hasn’t done is what any man innocent of such a heinous crime would do — He hasn’t said, “Hell no, I didn’t do that! You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!” But Marvin won’t say that because he realizes that suing me will bring a counter-suit, and with it: far too much publicity. He knows that such “salt in the wound” of his many other victims may likely tip the scale, causing them to come forward with their stories as well. He knows that inviting courts and lawyers and investigators into the ring is far less desirable than our current “he said/he said” status.
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    We are waiting too. But not inactively!
Members of our core team are spreading the word in Chicago, Boston, Colorado, Texas, and across the internet — carefully gathering information where we can.  You can help by getting involved, by talking to friends and family, and by sharing this web site.
Child molestation in every community is far more common that you think. Whether you live in Highland Park or Winnetka, or in Lake Bluff or Glencoe, or Hinsdale, IL. we all have our own “Marvin Martin” story.  Sadly, the #1 reason for this ludicrous tragedy.. is silence.
The absurd phenomenon of silence in the face of pedophilia is mind-boggling.  By some inbred sci-fi 1950’s taboo DNA code, we suppress our shame for something that wasn’t even our fault.  And meanwhile we allow the offenders to practice freely amongst us. Don’t be fooled — There are plenty of new, watchful, young and up-coming pedophiles in follow who are encouraged by our silence.
Becoming a society that communicates unabashedly about these jackals of humanity is the only way to reduce their transgressions.

We are survivors too. If you have ANY information at all — please know that you can contact us with confidence that your identity will not be relinquished outside the awareness of our core members.

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