UPDATE: 11/15/2017! Another of our seven known Marvin Martin survivors has come forward to tell his story to Glencoe Police! While we are thrilled for this man having come forward, it is equally important that the other three victims of the 1977-’78 “New York Trip” also contact Glencoe Public Safety to corroborate his account of what happened to the four boys in that hotel room. Please Contact Deputy Chief Richard Weiner –, 847-835-4112.

We are reaching out to Community Members, Former Students; their Brothers and Sisters, Former Faculty Members, Administrators, and Board Members of Illinois School District 35 / Glencoe Public Schools. Everyone. Our Goal is Information.

Marvin Martin molested me in my home in 1971. I have shared my story via FaceBook. We are currently aware of six (6) other individuals who were also molested by Martin during just three (3) school years. Therefore, we have good reason to believe that he molested many other boys in the course of his forty (40) year tenure at South & Central Schools, Glencoe.
Central School, Illinois School District 35 Marvin Martin is a career serial predator who built his position of authority and revere in order to take advantage of Glencoe’s most vulnerable citizens in the most horrific manner. Child sexual assault survivors go through shame, pain, guilt, embarrassment… etc. The barriers that stand in the way of a small child’s capacity to stand up and be heard under such circumstances are considerable to say the least. On average, it takes child assault survivors until the age of 42 before we even begin to truly deal with the myriad of emotions that have driven our silence for a lifetime.
We are a unique group presented with a path that questions our very worth, rather than one toward dignity & healing. Victims of child sexual abuse are impacted for life. Many remain functional in society. But a disproportionate number of us are alcoholics and drug addicts; we are over eaters and deeply troubled introverts who have difficulty maintaining relationships; trouble keeping jobs, etc. We have trouble sleeping at night because, no matter how firmly we’ve convinced ourselves that “it wasn’t really that bad”, we still don’t go a week of our lives without reliving our abuse.
I have recently earned the friendship of John Bollman, Jason Suciu, and Jim Moss — three of the many victims who led the drive to expose Charles Ritz, the former middle school teacher who is currently facing repercussion for his similar crimes in Lake Bluff, Illinois. It has been a great relief to have their ear of experience.
If you or anyone you know have been impacted. Any information you have; any information at all, would be a big help. — even if it’s just the suggestion of “who else to talk to that might have more information.”
Coming forward to our support team does not obligate you to public disclosure. We will not share your name without your permission. Your information will be held in strict confidence as if we are in any support club; e.g. AA, NA, et al.
If you were personally impacted and you just want to talk, we welcome you to respond  here or on Marvin Martin Truth, the Facebook group… or:
Dave Stroud | | (970) 375-2803
John Bollman | | (682) 308-3902
Jason Suciu | | (312) 339-6679
Jim Moss | | (312) 282-5554
Annie Solberg Särnblad | | (781) 426-5902
Kate Elisco | | (312) 480-6780
We’ll be happy to talk anytime.
We are survivors too! If you have ANY information at all — please know that you can contact us with confidence that your identity will not be relinquished outside the awareness of our core members. Let’s face it, sharing what you know; letting it breathe… may serve as the long overdue release you really needed. And honestly, talking to victims and witnesses is essential to our recovery as well.

If you were a victim and you’re ready to tell your story:

  1. Contact Deputy Chief Richard Weiner of the Glencoe Police Department — (847) 835-4112 or
  2. Contact David May at Kenosha, WI. Police Department — (262) 605-5203 or
  3. Contact Barbara Markoff ABC 7 News Chicago — (312) 750-7189 or
Please Help Us to fight the good fight.
Thank you!
Best, Dave S.
The Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault ( – (888) 802-8890 – 24 Hour Confidential Hotline
The Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation ( – (773) 244-2230 ext. 204
Chime-in on our blog or Connect with us on Facebook at Marvin Martin Truth

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